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Kanrei Shirayuri Gakuen
Junior/Senior High School

What's Kanrei Sirayuri Gakuen


 Kanrei Shirayuri Gakuen is located in Hakone, which is in the western most part of Kanagawa Prefecture. By Bullet train, it is roughly 2 hours from the capital of Tokyo. Our school is located in the Fuji-Hakone National Park and is near Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi, both of which are representative of Japan's natural beauty. The Hakone area is volcanic and is blessed with numerous natural hot springs, so it has been a famous vacation destination since pre-modern times and has numerous hotels and traditional Japanese inns. The oldest western-style hotel in Japan, The Fujiya Hotel, is located in Hakone. It has received such distinguished guests as Charlie Chaplin, and John Lennon. There are also several art museums in the vicinity, such as the outdoor sculpture garden, Chokoku no Mori, which boasts a collection, which includes numerous pieces by Henri Moore and Pablo Picaso.


 Away from the bustling city, students at Kanrei Shirayuri Gakuen, thus spend their day surrounded by nature and culture. The campus includes the elementary school (100 students), junior (80 students) and senior high schools (100 students). All of the students attend classes in Shirayuri's signature sailor-style school uniforms and spend their days studying and playing sports. The faculty of 60 instructors believes in the innate ability and potential possessed by each student, and aims to help each student fulfill their potential, and allow them to act on the global stage in today's cosmopolitan society.


 The school building is white and clean. At the highest point of the building, a statue of Jesus with his arms spread wide gently watches over the campus. The most sacred place on campus is a replica of the famous miracle at Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared before Bernadette. Students and faculty always bow here when they arrive at school and before they go home.
 Kanrei Shirayuri Gakuen also has an extensive library, computer room, audio-visual room, and it's own retreat house, The Paul-kan, with natural hot-spring baths. There is also a dormitory for students from far away. Approximately 25 junior and senior high school students from Japan and abroad live here.

Nature around Us

Kanrei Shirayuri is surrounded by nature.

The mountains are our classroom.
3 minutes walk from Gora Station on the Hakone Tozan Railway.
30 minutes by taxi from JR Odawara Station.
40 minutes from the Tomei Expressway, Gotemba exit.
50 minutes by bus from Gotemba Station

Mother Mary


Computer Room



Hakone Tozan Railway